Hotel Bile
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339 лева

ПАКЕТЪТ Е ЗА ДВОЙНА СТАЯ  до 30.06.2021 и включва:

  • Три нощувки за двама 
  • Три закуски за двама 
  • Три вечери по тристепенно меню с възможност за избор на основно ястие за двама
  • Wi-Fi интернет
  • Ползване на отпляеми басейни с температура на водата от 35 градуса
  • Паркинг
  • Туристическа такса
  • ДОПЛАЩАНЕ ЗА ДЕЦА от 2 до 12г., настанени на допълнително легло в двойна или тройна стая - 75 лв. със закуска и вечеря по детско меню
  • ДОПЛАЩАНЕ ЗА ДЕЦА от 12 до 18г., настанени на допълнително легло в двойна или тройна стая - 105 лв.
  • телефон за резервация 0888882065

At the family hotel you can spend your weekend in the garden, the Jacuzzi and the pool, eat delicious meals or celebrate with your family.


Six-person outdoor Jacuzzi - up to 39 degrees in the cold months.The Jacuzzi operates all year round.Working time: 10.00h. - 18.00.
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Spacious and cozy restaurant with 50 seats and summer garden with an additional 80 seats.The menu will surprise you with a variety of dishes, with the presentation of national and local cuisine, with the taste of homemade food. We carefully select the products, preferring regional and local producers of meat and dairy products, fruits and vegetables.Free Wi - Fi.Working time: 11.00h. - 23.00h
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Yard and garden

The forest overlooking the park of the hotel, the stream flowing through the cobblestones, the spring of drinking water, the meadows, the flowers, the authentic stone walls, will not only make you feel close to nature but also to feel the spirit and charm of the Troyan region.Children's outdoor activities: playground with slide, swing.
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