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Troyan - 150 years history

Troyan is a 150-year-old city, and every tourist who decides to visit it will find at least 150 reasons to do so.

There is something interesting for everyone - for lovers of the mountains and nature, for those who want to learn more about history, for adventurers, for traditionalists and people of art. For the young, for the mature, for the big companies, for the man with the backpack.

Troyan attracts lovers who decide to marry in this beautiful Balkan location, attracts corporate companies - which surprise their employees with team-building experiences.

Troyan is a place for those who want to learn carving, ceramics or the secret to brewing the notorious Trojan plum.

Troyan is for people who want to welcome the first July sunrise in the Balkans, for those who will pick up herbs on the Day of Herbs (24. June), for rockers and lovers of everyday life and amateur creativity. 

Troyan is the heart of the Balkans and a destination for all seasons. You can learn all 150 reasons at And when you come here - find your reason.